What is this?

Lensii is an end-to-end encrypted cloud photo storage app that makes it really easy to store, share, and organize your photos by telling you how good your photos look. The system will score all your pictures, and then you can sort photos by score to see which ones you'd like to share, and which ones to throw away.

For phase one, we're creating a photo sharing app, since it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have an app that tells you which photos look good enough to share without giving you a way to actually share them. A lot of people these days hate Instagram for one reason or another, and we want to take advantage of that to grow our userbase.

Why do I need that?

Suppose you go on vacation, and you end up with 1000 photos. Then you decide you want to share them with someone. Do you send all 1000? Or do you look through them one by one to decide which ones look good enough to share? Most people do the latter - we want to make that easy.

Something else you probably do is this: when you want to take a picture of that flower, do you just take one? Or do you take a bunch? Let's say you take 3 or 4 - do you actually care about all 3 or 4 photos you just took? Or do you really only care about the best one?

And if you're someone that already uses a cloud storage solution to backup your pictures, you're probably wasting a lot of space by keeping around a ton of photos you want to delete, but can't because you don't want to spend time looking through them all. Maybe if you didn't keep all the photos you don't even like, you could switch to a cheaper plan.

Is your AI good enough to really do this?

Good enough to pick out all the obviously bad ones, and is pretty good at picking out good photos so far. But it'll be improved a lot more for final release.

I don't believe you!

I knew I should have levelled speech.

I don't want to give you my email! What if you sell it to a Nigerian prince?

Unfortunately, Nigeria is a republic and doesn't have a prince for us to sell your email to (see this wikipedia article).

But we will send you an email when we have news for a launch somewhere, or when you refer a friend (but you can opt out of the latter type). Your email won't be used for anything else.

Why do I need to verify my email?

If you don't care about referral rewards, you honestly don't. The verification is just there so it's harder for someone to spam a bunch of fake referrals to get themselves to the top of the waitlist.

How do I check my place in line?

Enter your email again and hit "Get Early Access". If you're verified, it'll show you where you are, and how much extra storage you got from referrals.

How does the waitlist work?

Every time you refer a friend, you'll be placed ahead of everyone else that hasn't referred as many people as you. So for example, if you refer one person, you'll be ahead of everyone that hasn't referred anyone.

When we launch, we'll be sending out invites in waves starting from the top of the list.

How can you afford to give everyone so much free storage?

We plan to serve a small number of ads to our free users.

However we won't be collecting your data or listening in on your conversations like that other company to show you those headphones your cousin was talking to you about two days ago. Our ads will also be as out of the way as possible so they don't ruin the experience of the app.

What's your pricing model?

We'll have tiered pricing for different levels of storage. At higher tiers you'll also be able to share your storage with friends or family.

Can I store videos too?


Can I share stuff directly inside the app?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, there's something in the works for that, but we want to unveil that closer to launch, and after we've had a chance to test the feature with beta users to see if it'll be as popular as we think it could be. There will be rewards involved with that too!

What kind of rewards?

More permanent storage and certain special actions.

Special actions?

Yes. Very special actions.

Can you be more specific?

No, because we haven't decided what these actions are yet. But we promise they'll make you feel special.

This FAQ sucks! None of the things I wanted to know are in here!

This isn't a question, but you can email us at hello@getlensii.com if you want to talk! Questions, concerns, feedback, or just to say hi. We'll respond to every email ❤️

Thank you! We'll send you a confirmation email ❤️
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